2015 Spring Seminar List

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2015 Spring Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics Seminar List

Location : Astro-math R812
Time : 11:00-12:00
Time for ASIAA/LeCosPA Joint Seminar : 14:20-15:20 on specific Thursdays
Organizer : SH Dai & TsungChe Liu

Date Name Topic Affiliation File
March/5th (Thu,14:20~15:20) Frederico Arroja Planck constraints on primordial non-Gaussianity and implications for inflation (ASIAA/LeCosPA Joint Seminar) LeCosPA File:LeCosPACosmologySeminarPlanckNG.pdf
March/12th (Thu,14:20~15:20) [Chia-Chun Lu] An exceptionally powerful trio in the Large Magellanic Cloud (ASIAA/LeCosPA Joint Seminar) File:LMC NTU 20150312.pdf
March/16th Yee Bob Hsiung(熊怡) Oscillation Results from Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment NTU File:DayaBay-hsiung-LeCosPA2015.pdf
March/23th C.Q Geng(耿朝強) The Uniqueness of the Standard Model and Beyond NTHU File:LeCosPA20150323CQGeng.pdf
March/30th Kin-Wang Ng(吳建宏) CMB birefringence B-modes Sinica File:Lecospa15 NgKW.pdf
April/10th (Fri) Michael DuVernois Recent results from the IceCube experiment at the South Pole University of Wisconsin, Madison File:IceCube Taiwan Seminar 2015.pdf
April/20th [Wen-Yu Wen] On logarithmic correction and entanglement entropy in Hawking radiation CYCU File:LeCosPA2015Wen-YuWen.pdf
April/22th (Wed, 14:20~15:20) [Masashi Hazumi] Roadmap for CMB Polarization Measurements with POLARBEAR, Simons Array and LiteBIRD (ASIAA/LeCosPA Joint Seminar, at R1203) KEK [[ ]]
May/7th (Thu, 14:20~15:20) Yuko Urakawa Infrared radiative stability and the initial state of the inflationary universe (at R810) Nagoya [[ ]]
May/11th [Sadakazu Haino] The new results from Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) Academina Sinica File:Haino-ams.pdf
May/18th [Hsu-Wen Chiang (蔣序文)] Quantized Geodesic with Local Coordinate Difference Operator LeCosPA, NTU [[ ]]
May/25th(temporary) [Izumi keisuke ] Causal structures in dRGT Massive gravity LeCosPA, NTU [[ ]]
Jun/1st [Yao-Yu Lin(林曜宇) ] Impact of Gravitational Slingshot of Dark Matter on Galactic Halo Profiles LeCosPA, NTU File:Seminarslingshotv1June1.pdf
Jun/15th [Tsung-Che Liu] Canceled LeCosPA, NTU File:NTNU June 11 2015.pdf