Greenland Telescope Project

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What would a black hole look like if we can observe it on event horizon scale? The answer to this question is related to the environment and mechanisms in the vicinity of the black hole, and several general relativistic effects in strong gravity. If the accretion flow or jet around black hole is optically thin enough, a "black hole shadow" cast by the photon capture region is expected to be observed. Targeting the super-massive black hole at the center of M87 galaxy, the Greenland Telescope project is devoted to this goal by the help of VLBI (very long baseline interferometry) technique at sub-millimeter (several hundred GHz).

In this presentation, we will go through the idea of black hole shadow and VLBI, as well as some simulation of the black hole shadow image with accretion flow and jets. We will also introduce the Greenland Telescope project in more details.